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Nha Trang, Vietnam
11:00 to 20:00 7 Days a week


Time House Bistro

Time House Bistro, an institution and Nha Trang's favorite hangout since 2017.Visit us, you'll love the diversity of our friendly crowd, the superbe music selection, the amazing food from early morning till late night and the general atmosphere of joy & happiness around here !...We have the coolest team & clientele in town; join us this mor...

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Cafe Culture

Fun funky location on le dai Hanh street. Come and join us for great breakfasts & coffee, amazingFacebook - - Rooftop area Breakfast/Brunch Breakfast/Brunch

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Sime + Just Now Nha Trang

Our main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide nutritious meals to people. We believe that by sharing the benefits of a healthy life, we can inspire others to make positive changes in their own lives. We are passionate about creating delicious and nutritious dishes that are packed with flavor and goodness. From fresh salads to wholesom...

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Pork seller at Vin Hai Markets in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Pork seller at Vin Hai Markets in Nha Trang, Vietnam One of my Vietnamese friends has given us an insight into local life and her daily shopping at the markets. My friend is a University student whose mother has passed away and she buys food for her Father, Sister, Uncle and Grandmother who all live at her home. Every morning, I go to market to buy...

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Visiting Chua Phap Vien Thanh Son and Banh Uot for breakfast

Went on a little trip on Sunday with a few of my friends. We went to Chua Phap Vien Thanh Son. A Temple outside of Nha Trang set in magnificent farmland. It took around 50 minitues to get there on motorbikes. We stopped off for Bánh ướt (literally "wet cakes"). A lady spreads a rice mix over a thin membrane of some kind of cloth. This cloth has boi...

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Hon Chong

Hon Chon is a collection of rocks that form a Promontory just off Tran Phu Street. It is over the bridge away from the tourist area in the north. It is only about 7 minutes away from Thap Ba Ponagar so it makes sense to combine these two attractions if you are going to go. You can climb around on the rocks but once you start getting out to the Prom...

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Going for a ride on the bike near Lien Sang

Sunday was such a beautiful day that we couldn't help but go for a ride. We decided to go via some back roads up to Lien Sang. This is about an hour west of Nha Trang on the road to Dalat. The countryside was beautiful. After all of the recent rains everything was so green. It looked like a giant patchwork quilt in greens. We stopped for lunch and ...

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Going for a ride to Ninh Van

A friend of ours had invited us to visit her home town of Ninh Van. This is a ninety minute motorbike ride from Nha Trang up Highway one. You turn in to Vinashin and then go down the coast road. The view as you go over the mountains to Ninh Van is spectacular. The streets are wide and clean. There is a naturally sheltered bay here. The main economy...

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Going for a ride to Ta Gu Falls

 A friend of ours comes from a village in the mountains 3 hours from Nha Trang and was telling us about some beautiful waterfalls near her home. Tôi có một người bạn của chúng tôi đến từ một ngôi làng nhỏ nằm tận sâu trong núi, nói này cách Nha Trang tầm 3 tiếng chạy xe máy. Cô kể cho chúng tôi về thác nước tuyệt với gần nhà cô. We decided tha...

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Going for a ride to Ta Gu Falls

A friend of ours comes from a village in the mountains 3 hours from Nha Trang and was telling us about some beautiful waterfalls near her home. Tôi có một người bạn của chúng tôi đến từ một ngôi làng nhỏ nằm tận sâu trong núi, nói này cách Nha Trang tầm 3 tiếng chạy xe máy. Cô kể cho chúng tôi về thác nước tuyệt với gần nhà cô. We decided that we w...

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Lunch at Van Gia, north of Nha Trang

(Tiếng Việt bên dưới) It was such a magnificent day and our friends last day of their holidays. We decided to go to Ninh Hoa for lunch. We got to a local fishing village at Luong Son and stopped to take some fantastic photos. Ngày cuối cùng trong kỳ nghĩ dường của những người bạn đến từ Úc đã là một ngày trên cả tuyệt với. Chúng tôi quyết định chạy...

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Banh Can (rice flour cake with many different fillings)

Banh Can (rice flour cake with many different fillings) Banh can are small round cakes made of rice flour batter, baked over a charcoal fire on a special plate that has rounded hollows and these have little cast iron lids that go over each hollow. The cakes are then served with a combination of fried green onion, fish sauce and thinly-shredded gree...

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Seafood - "Hai San" - Dong Xuan restaurant, Thap Ba Street

 Fresh Seafood - Hai San There is an amazing range of fresh seafood available in Nha Trang cooked in many different ways. We like to eat seafood in a few places but the main place we like to eat if we want a reasonable amount is Thap Ba Street. We go to a restaurant called Dong Xuan. It is the first restaurant on the left hand side after you t...

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Bun Bo (Hue)

Bun Bo (Hue) This dish is eaten at any time of the day. I like to have this for breakfast particularly if I am feeling a little delicate. For dinner I like Bun Bo Heo, which has the same broth but with the added bonus of a hunk of pork. Bun means thick noodles and Bo means beef — Bun Bo Hue is most often based on a pork-intensive stock, with small ...

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Bo Ne - Steak on plate with egg

Bo Ne (Steak) Steak in a Vietnamese city is probably not going to be what you are used to having in Australia or America. However you can have a steak locally without paying restaurant prices. Bo Ne is a smaller steak, normally served with a meatball and sometimes an egg on a sizzling plate that continues to cook the meat. It is normally served in ...

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Banh Xeo - Vietnamese pancake

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancakes) Banh Xeo is literally "sizzling cake"(a pancake) named for the loud sizzling sound it makes when the rice batter is poured into a hot skillet. This is a savory fried pancake made of rice flour, water, turmeric. Initially slivers of fatty pork, small prawns, squid and quail egg or chicken egg are placed in the skillet ...

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Vit Nuong - BBQ Duck

BBQ Duck Yes I know BBQ Duck is available in most countries however this would be one of the best places to eat duck that I have been to and I have eaten it in many countries. This is street food at its finest. BBQ'ed in the street. The duck is cooked on a rotisserie over coals and basted in a special sauce every so often. The bulk of the fat is re...

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Hai San - Sea food, in Dang Tat Street

Local Sea food in Dang Tat Street In the middle of Dang Tat Street is a seafood place that we like to eat at Hai San Sinh Vien. This area is mainly know for student snail however we eat other seafood and the owner really looks after us. It is street food with locals. The tables are small and we eat on the roadside however there is inside seating bu...

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Different choices for lunch in Dang Tat street - Com, Pho

 There are a lot of lunch places selling much the same but a little different. They change their menu everyday so that you do not feel bored. There is once place in Dang Tat Streer where we like to eat. The lady she has many food available which made of egg, pork, beef...We had 2 meals with rice, chicken, vegetable, sauces and a bottle of Revi...

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Deserts, and smoothies "Sinto"

Sweets and Sinto Sinto There are many places to have different smoothies (Sinto) in Nha Trang. There are also many different combinations. I'm not a fan of Durian and I have a problem with drinking avocardo. This is a favourite local drink avocardo and durian smoothie when they are in season. I love ripe mango (Xoai). One of the best places we have...

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