massage styles available at Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa Nha Trang

We offer a range of massage techniques to suit your individual needs. Our specialty is Lomi Lomi massage from Hawaii. We also offer Vietnamese massage, relaxation/swedish massage, deep tissue/remedial massage and herbal ball massage.

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16/03/2020 to 30/04/2020

Prices shown are before discount
Note - Discount does not apply on public holidays


All therapists are trained to Australian and International standards by the Australian owner who is Remedial Massage Therapist with over 21 years experience in massage and waxing.
All linen is changed after every customer, we do not reuse anything.
Spacious private rooms so you do not need to share your massage experience with strangers.

Types and styles of treatment offered;

Lomi Lomi Massage "Hawaiin" (Light - Medium - Hard)
Lomi Lomi Massage “Hawaiian”
Very relaxing and energising full body massage that is done in a continuous flowing motion. Originally from Hawaii, it is now a very popular massage style around the world.


90’ - 580,000 VND US$27 - 120’ - 765,000 VND US$35

4 Hands Lomi Lomi “Hawaiian” Massage
Massage 4 tay Lomi Lomi "Hawaiin"
As above, but with 2 therapists doing the massage


60’ - 590,000 VND US$27 - 90’ - 850,000 VND US$39

Deep Tissue Massage (Hard - Very Hard)
Massage Chuyên sâu
Focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is helpful for acute and chronic aches and pains such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.


60’ - 400,000 VND US$18 - 90’ - 580,000 VND US$27 - 120’ - 765,000 VND US$35

Traditional Vietnamese Massage (Light - Medium - Hard)
Kiểu truyền thống Việt nam
Invigorating massage that uses a mix of deep strokes and acupressure movements. Used to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing muscular tension and stress.


60’ - 400,000 VND US$18 - 90’ - 580,000 VND US$27 - 120’ - 765,000 VND US$35

Relaxation Massage (Light - Medium)
Massage thư giãn
Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style of massage that promotes general relaxation and mental stress.


60’ - 400,000 VND US$18 - 90’ - 580,000 VND US$27 - 120’ - 765,000 VND US$35

Pregnancy Massage (Light - Medium - Hard)
Pregnancy massage is done using specially designed body cushions to ensure your comfort and the comfort of your baby.

60’ - 400,000 VND US$18

Herbal Ball Massage (Light - Medium)
Massage Bóng Thảo dược
The herbal ball contains a range of herbs wrapped in muslin cloth which is heated prior to the massage. These herbs when heated release essential oils that are good for your skin/ breathing/aches and pains. The ball is used to massage allowing the heat to penetrate the muscles relaxing them further. All herbal balls are thrown out after each massage.

草药球按摩   (轻、适中)

90’ - 615,000 VND US$28 - 120’ - 800,000 VND US$37

Aromatherapy Massage (Light - Medium)
Massage với tinh dầu
Aromatherapy massage is a relaxing massage combined with the use of essential oils to further enhance your relaxation. It is particularly suited to conditions involving stress. A very relaxing soothing massage.

香薰疗法按摩   (轻、适中)

60’ - 460,000 VND US$21 - 90’ - 615,000 VND US$28 - 120’ - 800,000 VND US$37

Bamboo Massage (Medium - Hard)
Massage Tre
Done in the style of Lomi Lomi massage using specialy designed and manufactured bamboo sticks and tools to perform the massage.

竹按摩 (适中、重)

60’ - 460,000 VND US$21 - 90’ - 615,000 VND US$28 - 120’ - 800,000 VND US$37



Note - Add Aromatherapy essential oils to any massage for an additional 60,000VND